My Forest Buddy: The RECON 400X

A friend recommended me the Tripod Data System Recon. Compared to other technologies I bought, this one is offered at a fair price. Of course, that gives a good shot for me. At the very first place, I was pleased with the price. Going back, he recommended the Recon because he uses it for more than years. By the way, my friend is a Military, and I am a Forester. He told me that I will benefit from this TDS Recon. He assures me that I will. Of course, I am confused. What is the connection of Military to Forestry? Oh well, my friend convinced me that it helps a lot in field works, especially in my job. Since I trust him, I trust his thoughts, too. We are friends for ages, so it explains my decision.

My Recon is just 6 months old. It is handy and lightweight so as a Forester, I am happy that I don’t need to bring other technologies other than this Recon. This gadget has all the applications I need in my work. It includes 802.11g and Bluetooth. Cool, isn’t it? Just like a computer, this Recon runs under Windows Mobile and Versatile Microsoft. Without cables, the Bluetooth feature of TDS allows me to be connected with mobile peripherals. Similarly, the 802.11g wireless connects me to Internet and Local Area Networks. I can also send e-mails, too. So if there is an urgent task that needs to be submitted, or information that should be relayed instantly, I can manage to do it with the Recon’s wireless feature.

You can also add digital cameras, GPS, and bar code scanners because of the two CompactFlash integrated in this gadget. I find this gadget very helpful.

One more thing about the product is it has bigger memory spaces that allow me to do several tasks in a day. I own a Recon 400X with 256 MB. The other TDS version is the RECON 200X which has 128 MB. When I bought my Recon, or other similar gadgets, like the phone, I am critical about the memory space. Who will be happy owning a gadget that after a while will say, “Your memory is full”? Of course, no one, right? That’s why I bought the RECON 400X. Aside from it has a larger memory, the prices of the two versions are almost close. With higher memory storage, I can maximize my work a day.

Big memories are useless if the gadget has an easy to drain battery. I will complain if that happens. Good thing, it doesn’t. My regular work is 8 hours a day, but field work requires more time. Of course, you need to travel and roam around the forest. I am just happy that my Recon works with me 8 hours or more.

For now, I can say that my friend is really trustworthy. He shares with me his trusted technology. It really pays to have a reliable friend. At the same time, it also pays to own an unfailing Tripod Data System Recon.

Benefits of Recon

I am not fun of blogging. I don’t give praise and recognition to gadgets or anything that overwhelms me or the occasional story about aussie slots or how they say, pokie machines. But now, I decided to write for a great gadget that astounds me because it deserves a credit due to its good works.

For the past years of surveying, the only technology I trust is the Tripod Data Systems or TDS. It has PC programs and popular data collection features that are very useful for my routines. Well, for my 5 years of usage, I never encounter problems brought by the Recon. Actually, it includes complete accessories, systems and programs that conveniently help with my activities.

Unlike any other gadgets I’ve used before, TDS makes it possible to work with other instruments. It is compatible with CAD and PC programs, and Handhelds, too. Moreover, as a handheld computer, this gadget allows me to safely store my data. I am clumsy sometimes and don’t notice that I place my Recon anywhere. Instances happen that I drop it. I thought I would lose my hard gained information due to my clumsiness. Good thing, my TDS is very durable. All I can say is it beats military gadget functions. I go everywhere because it is my job. I do survey and a whole lot more outdoors. With TDS, I can do all I want without worrying. Anywhere I go, even it rain or shine, in high or low temperatures, my Recon does not break down. It is also waterproof so I never feel worry even if it rains or I bridge rivers.

As I mentioned in the beginning of my post, the TDS is with me for 5 years already and still counting. Of course, changes are inevitable and my survey requirements vary. There are applications that inutile. At the same time, I need to upgrade my Recon to meet my surveying needs. Since this technology offers customizations, it is possible to add my needed applications. Meaning, I don’t need to buy new. It saves me from spending again. Similarly, I can enjoy my Recon’s services for a long time.

Oh, by the way, aside from surveying, the TDS Recon can help with other similar tasks. Since I do surveying, I focused on its advantages on my job but, it can also work on other applications. It is possible to use the Recon for law and military enforcement, asset and facilities management, forestry, utilities construction and civil engineering, and mapping.

So, if you are in related industries, you can own a Recon, too. I personally guarantee the benefits of Recon. And it is convenient to use the gadget. It has a friendly user interface so you can manage using it even for the first time.

Included in this post are the features that are beneficial to my job. I will post more about Tripod Data Systems or TDS so that you will discover more of its advantages. One day or another, you will realize that Recon is also useful for your activities. By the way, thanks for reading!

Tripod Data System

Similar to other gadgets, the Tripod Data System or TDS also encounter issues. You should expect that, especially if you continually use it. It is also necessary to remember, that as soon as you can manage the safety of your TDS, either Ranger or Recon, you should do your best. Not because it is considered Rugged, you will use it the way you want. Just like people, our gadgets also get tired and need rest.

There are instances that you’ll encounter issues on your TDS. So, I list here several ways to resolve the issue.

First, when there is a vertical line in the data collector screen, you should recharge your battery. Your battery will soon be drained. If the power status is fine, you can contact the customer support where you buy the TDS to ask for help.

Second, if you have touch screen issues, you can try aligning or calibrating your TDS. You can do that by following the instruction: Go to Settings > System Tab > Screen > Align Screen Button. If it doesn’t work, the issue may be caused by debris like grass seeds and grains of sand. It is necessary to remove it by using a toothpick or a compressed air in a can, but be careful doing the resolution. It may damage the screen permanently. I’ve tried it myself and it works.

If the two solutions don’t work, soft reset the device. If still not working, hard reset it. If you are using lower versions of Operating system than the Windows Mobile 5, back up your files. If these suggestions don’t help, throw your TDS now. Oops, just kidding. Ask help from a reliable technician specializing in TDS repair.

Third, if your handheld data collector is running slower than the usual run, reboot your TDS. Before rebooting, save all the files because it may not be restored after you reboot the TDS. You can also check your memory space; if you believe your TDS has lower space memory, try moving some of your files to the storage card.

Fourth, once you accidentally deleted your files from the TDS, there is no way to retrieve it, especially if you are using a lower Windows version. I suggest that you upgrade to the updated version, the Windows 5.0. It’s better to be safe and updated than losing your files frequently.

Other issues with Bluetooth, data collection, screen freeze, synchronization, memory and more, a TDS reboot will help. If it does not resolve the problem, try researching. Google is always available. Moreover, ask advice from the expert.

I just posted some of the common Tripod Data System issues. This is generally true to Ranger, Recon, and other handheld data collector gadgets. These things may possibly happen if you are one of those irresponsible TDS owners.

Even the TDS is compact and durable, it is always necessary to use it properly. Yes, it will survive water, extreme temperature and compression, but do not tolerate each thing to happen. Your TDS costs a penny, so it’s better to save than to buy another.

The Rugged Ranger

First of all, I apologize for my delay in writing the next update about my Ranger. I have written a post about this TDS Ranger several weeks ago, correct me if I am mistaken. Well, I am just too busy doing my job. And I have with me this Ranger for my works. So, with weeks of usage of this TDS, I have learned and discovered more about it.

One of my best experiences with this TDS Ranger is when I need to cross a river. As a field surveyor, I should go whenever is needed. One of the things I should not forget is the TDS Ranger since it stores all the details I get. By that time, I tend to overlook my Ranger. I dropped it on the river unknowingly. Since it is lightweight, it levitates so I still save it from losing. And I will not allow losing it since I pay for it. I thought I would lose all data in the Ranger. I am thinking that I need to begin my survey, go back to the first destination and repeat everything. Admittedly, I am afraid that it will happen. When I opened the Ranger, everything is safe and in shape. That is what I consider as a great advantage of this Ranger.

By the way, for the information of some readers, if I have, the Ranger is now running under Windows Mobile 5.0. If you still have the Windows Mobile 2003, upgrade now. This is something you must not miss. As the most up to date handheld computer technology, you are assured of 100% flawless function and performance. Even it is rugged, it works perfectly.

Moreover, just like the old versions of mobile phones, the Ranger provides you convenience using the Keypad. It has a touch screen feature and a keypad to provide everyone with great ease of use especially for people working outdoors. A large keypad will help for your data entry needs. You can easily type the numbers and letters since it has a separate keypad section, so I guarantee correct and complete data entries. In any scenario, keypad allows us to type faster than the usual. It has also a dot and delete button so you can amend the details if necessary.

The connection features of this Ranger help me to stay connected even I am away from office or home. I can send e-mails if required. During, vacant hours, I can browse the internet and update my Facebook. I also post selfie, sometimes. Yes, you can connect camera in the TDS. The Ranger is very versatile and offers a variety of functions. You can perform several tasks with only one gadget. Do you remember my mentions on online casinos? What about the australian gambling system?

The information in this post is a lot. I need to go now and enjoy my Ranger. By the way, the TDS is affordable compared to other similar gadgets. Also, it is money back guaranteed because of its performances. You will be a happy and satisfied client, just like me.