Pacific Crest Products from TDS

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The Pacific crest products, including PDL units are of small size and weight, and also consume less power. Their incredible designs permit them to be effortlessly surfaced upon all basic sized tripods and GPS poles. These communication products and PDL or Positioning Data Link radio kits offered through the Pacific crest are used to deliver an arduous network across the GPS equipment and reference station.

RTK data links has a 19,200 bps data rate with an adjustable communication protocol. They can effortlessly combine to most of the crucial GPS equipment. Waterproof PDL modems and kits have a great match with the RTK equipments with a benefit of advanced productivity. The TDS incredible quality employed in the products is at par from the Pacific crest long range of products.


Base kits
Base kits are available for both high and low power applications. Kits are ready to carry, set up, and enable a high precision radio link with your GPS system. Base kits include everything you need in one bundle, plus you can buy accessories and replacement parts. Kits sold by TDS (with 450-470 Mhz or 430-450 Mhz) are designed for use in the US and Canada.

Repeater kits
PDL repeater products extend the reach of RTK GPS reference stations and provide excellent performance for all survey and machine control applications. PDL repeater kits sold by TDS are complete systems tailored specifically for RTK GPS, with 450-470 Mhz and 430-450 Mhz for use in the US and Canada.

Rover kits
The PDL rover is a highly-sensitive radio receiver that connects directly to your RTK GPS rover station. It features fast data rates, multi-protocol compatibility and an internal lithium-ion battery that lasts 10 hours.

Download the brochure

For downloading an information pamphlet for this product, click the following link. This leaflet has the neat details and the overviews for the product that are present in the easy printable format.

Accessories and replacement parts
TDS Carries the complete line of accessories for Pacific Crest radio kits. Whether you need a Eurocard radio or want an additional carrying case, you can get it all from TDS. If something is left behind on a job or just wears out after years of use, it’s great to know you have a source for replacement parts.

The TDS Ranger 300X and 500X are available with a Pacific Crest PDLRXO radio embedded right in the data collector. You can start with a Ranger that includes the PDLRXO radio, or if you already have a Ranger X-Series data collector it can be retrofitted. The PDLRXO is an advanced, high speed, wireless radio designed specifically for GPS/RTK applications

Nikon total stations

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These total stations by Nikon have the beneficial characteristics like good speed, user friendliness and the top quality features all the time.

After using Nikon total stations, you can experience the difference and feel of using good quality product. They respond so fast with a nice quality and clear images, even in not so good light availability. They have so good effect on your eyes that everyone going to appreciate. Such a nice productivity by Nikon is due to the reason that it utilizes the rare focusing mechanism which results in the better focus for any range.


These total stations has an onboard software to which a TDS Recon or TDS Ranger can be joined. It delivers immense strength and ductility. The total stations, a constituent of TDS data collection system is on demand as per its best class quality.

All the total stations have user friendly keypads through which generally utilized functions can be assigned to the USR keys. Also 10 touch codes have made to be used for only one press.

Three series to choose from
There are three Nikon total station series to choose from, with many models available. Click here to view a specification chart of each Nikon total station. You can display any combination of our models for easy comparison so you can get the right Nikon total station for your needs.

602 Series

For this, either Type 1 or Type 2 can be used. Also it offers the storage externally and data transfer through the Compact Flash cards as well as with the USB devices. They can be one from the USB1.0, 1.1 and the extended version. With this, the confidential official data can be easily transferred at your workplace after carrying in this storage device.

Connex Data Transfer and Conversion Software, developed by TDS, enable bi-directional data transfer between a Nikon total station with on-board storage and a PC. By importing and exporting a variety of data formats, Connex allows you to interface too many engineering or CAD programs. You can also quickly identify and correct errors from the field, manage your data and easily generate reports. Connex replaces the discontinued TransIt program. Such as the gambling situation in Australia like we already mentioned a few times, for example with the popular game 50 Lions.

302 Series

This 302 series provides the users with the highest power back up of 16 hours that will last long and benefits in your flawless work schedule. They exist in the two varieties, namely reflectorless and prism designs. The total stations of this series are of less weight with a great tough strength. An IPX6 rating supports a lot to handle heavy stream of running water.


TDS Recon-Overview

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Taking you further at the office and in the field

The TDS recon will be an extended version with great performance and the durability. The next generation X-series is capable of being used no matter where you are. It has also the functionality of Bluetooth, GPS and 802.11g wireless. You can easily use recon anytime anywhere. I also use recon for my data secure and saving my time, because I really do not like to compromise with my work so I always prefer to use recon.

Use of Handheld devices is very popular in today’s era of technology. Basically handheld is computing devices which are compact in size with a wide display screen and can easily carry in a pocket. These devices include mobile phones, e-book reader, Notebook PC, Pandora, Graphing calculator, pager, pocket computer, Pokémon Mini, handheld game consoles etc. benefits of handheld devices like smartphone, which you can easily carry your office and also can use emails with Wi-Fi or 3G speed, you can easily chat with your handheld device anywhere . As I discussed about the recon in this article so I also want to highlight the future of the handheld devices that these are becoming very popular every day and after the time ago it will be necessity of every single person.

The Recon for land surveyors
Survey Pro on the Recon is now even more affordable. Running Survey Pro 4.x software, the new Recon NX gives HP 48 users an option to update their data collector at a very comfortable price. Learn more about the Recon NX by downloading the brochure.

Windows Mobile
The Recon runs Windows Mobile 5.0, so you’ll have the applications you use most-including a calendar, e-mail, and Mobile versions of Word, Excel and even PowerPoint and you are also able to play on your mobile any casino game in Australia, of your choice.

Water Resistant
The Recon is completely sealed to keep running in the wettest situations. Testing has shown that you can submerge the Recon one meter deep in water for up to 30 minutes and the Recon will keep running. Click here to view an actual live broadcast of the Recon running underwater in a fish tank at the TDS headquarters in Corvallis, Ore.

Linux option
TDS partner 10East Corp. offers the Recon with Linux as the operating system. If you have a Linux-based application, you now have a viable option for running it on the TDS Recon. Learn more at the 10East Web site.

TDS Ranger-Overview

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TDS-RangerSmart, tough and loaded with additional features Featuring Windows Mobile 5.0, the next-generation TDS Ranger possesses features that field professionals depend on, like field-ready ruggedness, 30-hour battery and an easy to use keypad and touchscreen. The Ranger grows more versatile as technology evolves, integrating more and more capabilities designed to improve your work life.

These rugged handheld devices have the advanced features that provide incredible performance with a wide touchscreen and an alphanumeric keypad. The TDS ranger has an advanced processor with the enormous assemble features that allows data to be transmitted at a faster speed as the mobile forces work together to assemble the data efficiently. Also the manageable drop and vibration and being dust free because of IP67 rating counts a lot in data security and reliability. Also, underwater seal is an good option with a touchscreen display of bright visibility.

Integrated features of these ranger devices includes GPS receiver that captures location data, where compass uses bearing data and the accelerometer utilizes the motion data. These functionalities are generally present in the Ranger specifications. The other specifications those are present in the other configurations of the ranger are LED flashlight, GPRS, GSM modem, barcode scanner.

The multiple options available for the Ranger devices to deliver expandability include Memory card slot, USB port and also the Serial port with the 1 year warranty feature. They have 128 MB flash storage that makes them really rugged and economical storage device. The SD slot is the main reason for the extra storage. The wireless adaptability includes both the WIFI and the Bluetooth for quick connection the other network, devices and the internet. The most appealing part is that there is no need of extra attachments or coding work.

The Operating system used in the TDS ranger is Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 which has the capability to offer much software to the users and a nice platform for the business purposes. You can use the MS office suite including the Power point with so much ease at your home. Also the less weight lithium ion battery usage with long hour battery backup with the ranger extends its usability.

The total cost of Ownership is an important issue to be aware of, and it should be less when buying handheld computers.