Gadgets Go Rugged and Armored!

It has been quite a while for me to believe that you cannot be someone who loves the outdoors and still be a techno geek at the same time. It might still not be true, but I like how gadgets are transforming to become better, faster and literally stronger! Think about it! I used to work on the laptop for every little thing like checking emails, updating my pages, or simply getting information off the internet. When I bought my first iPod touch I was so in to this gadget that I remember I nearly stopped using my laptop for a long time. Most of my immediate short tasks were easily done by my iPod. Of course, when it came to gaming then I had to use my laptop or some important college work. Now we have the new iPad to take care of our work and occasional gaming moods. It is great to realize everything is getting so handy for all the little tasks we need.

When Android became a popular choice, some lesser known brands started showing up that were manufactured from China and companies like Samsung and Nokia started coming up with south-Eastern versions of flagship gadgets so that they could cater to those markets. However, the iPhone still outsold these phones because of its software and unbeatable build quality. It shows that people appreciate good quality and durability over variety despite the fact that Apple products are always more expensive. Then we had companies like Otter and Spigen to serve added care for these high priced products. Durability is something even I would be tempted to pay extra for something that can withstand a lot of beating and abuse!

Tripod Data Systems is yet another kind of a company that realizes that these hand-held devices are an important asset to any individual or company. They introduced the TDS Ranger that is a data collector for those people who have to go to distant stations and platforms for gathering their relevant research. This research could be anything from Geology to Archeology. Naturally, these places are not exactly safe and quite unexpected. The surveyors who are doing this research have a lot on their shoulders to keep an eye out for but they do a marvelous job with the details they come back with. These devices can make their job easier and they would know very well that it would not give up on them when they have come so far with so much effort, only to realize that their data collectors broke. When I decided to head out for hiking with my friends, I noticed they have some of the most protective armor purchased for their phones. Those armors were definitely big and bulky, thus likely not something you would want to carry with you in a business meeting. It surely had much to offer for those who loved the outdoors and wanted to stay online about it. I was fascinated how these gadgets are getting common and companies are willing to invest in making them more durable.

Now companies and individual alike can invest in these Tripod Data Systems for their research or any outdoor activity that is tough and harsh.

A New Way to Preserve Your Hand-held Electronics!

Our hand-held electronics are turning in to our prized possessions. Each year they are improving and adding more to our productivity and our personal information. I was pondering how easy it is now to get in touch with celebrities when you are using social networks and various tags to bring people together. Just few days back I was receiving a DHL parcel and I noticed that even the courier person was having a hand-held device to get his deliveries confirmed. Interestingly I could tell from observing the device that it was used with much care, since it was covered with a big rubber cover to preserve it from falling and getting damaged. It was quite a bulky device but it had its own software and was tailored to the job. These things are getting too easy and too common in our daily lives and this is where a new trend shows up.

Companies like Tripod Data Systems and Corvallis Data Systems are doing an interesting job of preserving these little gadgets with a protective cover. Even more, they are offering the hardware and software that is tailored to common user needs. I personally know some people who have their startup businesses and they have recently established an online inventory system. Rationally, when your businesses increases in volume then you need to have a system that streamlines the process. Likewise, this friend of mine had to hire more people to do the footwork, until he was getting worried about the essential information they were carrying so carelessly. What did he do? He plugged in some mobile devices that got every information on the cloud so he wouldn’t have to worry about losing anything vital. This is now stretching to military and construction companies that already work at very harsh environment and they obviously need delicate computers and mobile devices to get their processes running!

Today new entrepreneurs really need new gadgets and they need services that will protect such important assets for the company. It is like insuring assets with physical armor that greatly reduces the chances of losing them, and I think it would even reduce the insurance premium on these items. You could always look forward to more of these for consumers. Companies like Spigen are making a fortune or making covers that are not only robust but they can handle the toughest treatment possible. Would you imagine spending so much on a cover for a device? Well these mobile electronics are getting expensive and loaded with important information. You can even use your cell phone as a credit card, and as easy as it sounds it almost makes your phone more priceless than ever. I would think twice about selling my old phone, even though it is still safer than ever before now.

Making Your Electronics More Durable: Tripod Data Systems

I remember I was watching a show that was titled ‘Will it blend?’ and as funny as it sounds, it really was about blending stuff. This show was extraordinary because it was nothing about blending food but rather blending everything else. I couldn’t even imagine there is a blender out there that could actually blend hard items like electronics. They also did it with those things that were known to have excellent build quality like iPhones and DVDs. I was almost impressed to see that there is a blender that could go so far, but it had nothing much to do with marketing the blender. This show was like a benchmark for those enthusiasts who wanted to know how durable certain products are. I watched a few more shows online and I realized there are reviews of people attempting to see how a brand new phone breaks when it hits a wall or falls on concrete etc. This is fascinating because it is really something that future buyers would want to know before they are purchasing. I remember there was this USB flash drive made in the shape of a bullet and all of this explains that there is a need of items that can be trusted for heavy usage. There are users who like to use phones and know how to care for them, and naturally, there are people who drop their phones often. This led me to realize that people are willing to invest some money for protecting their items.

This brings us to a new concept of device protection systems, which is known as Tripod Data Systems. These systems are designed to allow electronic devices to function perfectly in harsh environments. It is quite impressive when you get a hold of them because the build quality is made to sustain the worst falls possible. Ever had those horrifying cell phone falls where your phone first bounces on a floor and then you end up kicking the phone before you reach it? These will never give up on you.

So what is the whole idea of using a TDS? Most businesses need to protect their property and one way they only know is to use insurance. Insurance is great for major losses, which can be easily replaced without any urgency, but electronic devices cause a vacuum in services if any of them fail to work. Imagine you losing your handheld device and then waiting for insurance to compensate you. How long are you going to wait before the new device comes? It is better to preserve them the old-fashioned way. They are covered with a thick layer of rubber with gaps so that they can not only avoid scratches but also absorb shocks.

It makes complete sense for people who do a lot of fieldwork on the job. These are sales people, lumberjacks, food delivery services, military, construction and so many other outdoor industries. I could consider keeping posted by them, just in case they decide to make something for common consumers too.

Superb TDS Ranger: Always on the Go!

I owned a PDA and it keeps crashing every time I use it. Since I need to work efficiently and maximize my work time, it is necessary to gather more details in the field. A big memory is a requirement. The PDA does not help.

I browsed the internet to look for similar gadgets, but of course, something that is better enough than my previous PDA. I came across the Tripod Data System or the TDS. It has a variety of products to choose from, but I feel comfortable with the TDS Ranger. They consider it is a rugged handheld. So, with the term “rugged”, I feel that this is the best gadget for me, because I am a “rugged”, too.

In my scenario, I need to have a technology that will not surrender in any cases. The gadget should be used to the abuse of weather, temperature and usage. Any gadget I own should be ready in these kinds of treatment. Am I too rude? No, I am not. My job is. I get interested about this TDS Ranger. I keep focusing on the latest X Version of the Ranger which is the TDS Ranger 500X. According to reviews, it can survive in any kind of extreme industrial jobs. And by the statement, I get more interested because that is exactly I need. What do you expect from me? Of course, I ordered online. After several weeks of waiting, I got the TDS.

When I got to see the gadget, it is exactly similar to what I expect. But there are features that are above my expectations, too. Let me discuss it here. First, the Ranger has a superb ergonomics. Meaning, the design is very handy. As a field worker, required to go everywhere, even in the extreme temperature, I can bring the Ranger without hassle. It is very compact and lightweight, too. The padded nylon in yellow color also double protects the Ranger in any severe instances. This helps it survive even I intentionally drop it from a 4- foot elevation. Yes, I did it. I drop it myself to test the truth. And it happens many times unintentionally, since I am very clumsy. You should not blame me. As I work on fields, I have many things to ponder upon, not to protect the Ranger alone. Well, it is designed as rugged, so it deserves a rugged treatment, too.

As I discussed earlier, my old PDS keeps crashing. I can’t get more information since the memory is always full or it easily gets drained. But with my new Ranger, I can gather any information I want and store it here. The battery also works with a maximum of 30 hours lifespan. So, I can use it in a day or more. By the way it has Bluetooth connection also.

Overall, I was amazed by the product. These mentioned benefits are only some of those many Ranger advantages. I am just too tired to write all. Maybe next time, I will discuss more about my experiences on this Ranger.