Technology On The Go, Anywhere!

I have always been fond of heading out and observing the nature. I have even taken my laptop and tablet with me to keep me entertained and have tons of my questions answered. There is a great way to learn if you have some forests near your cities or some dry areas for hiking. It is a real test of determination and strength. To be honest, I got most of my motivation from movies like Into the Wild and 127 Hours and Online Casino. Both the movies were made from true stories and while both may show some of life’s excruciating trials, I think these movies are a great inspiration. I was tempted to see how well people learn to handle difficult situations, even though they could have avoided it all. I think it is the search for something that drives an individual to go so far.

However, when I think of exploring really far from home I always wished I had something that would last long. You cannot find sources of electricity everywhere and you cannot rely on existing devices unless you took real good care of them. Then one of my friends, who also follows similar hobbies, showed some neat gadget that he always took with him on his expeditions. These gadgets look professional and well made to handle the toughest of environments. I mean, he now owns a Dell Latitude Extreme Notebook, which is so amazing. I never thought that companies could make something do durable when they had so many limitations when making a consumer laptop. Critics are everywhere concerned about the weight and functionality of a laptop.

To be honest, I now feel that we can really make these delicate gadgets rugged and much more robust to handle the life of an adrenaline junkie. This friend of mine showed me a gadget from Tripod Data Systems which is actually impressive. Just what you would think from its name? It is a data collector and works like a very hand wireless phone or communication device. You can send emails, observe from environmental measurements and just about anything, a PDA would offer. There are some limitations but it seemed just perfect for a traveler. It wasn’t something that would fit into my pocket, but it was so good. It had a Windows OS operating inside it and it felt like I had the most rugged gadget ever. It is a clever investment I would say because eventually we don’t really need very powerful gadget but rather something that survives and does selected functions seamlessly.