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TDS (Tripod Data Systems) is a technique designed to use your handheld devices as rough as you can to make it compatible with intense external environment. They also provide the versatility in the range of friendly software for the mobile computing and for various industries as well. Like the TDS recon and Ranger handhelds fulfills the qualities like the vibration and temperature. Some other TDS products are Nikon total solutions, Survey Pro and other.TDS

In today’s time, all kinds of the industries are using the handheld devices for prompt search to be compatible with the advanced technology. The handheld devices are generally the small sized computing devices which the touch based input screen. They are used now days in the various aspects like the conferencing, voice and video calls, audio.

They are also used in the applications like maintaining schedules, email exchange, browsing from the web and even the simple calculations. On whole, this technology is being widely accepted by the worldwide users. TDS is using the similar features to be adopted in the handheld devices to work in a broad range in all its products.

The TDS offers the varied range of products in the field of Construction, Environment, Forestry, Food service, Forestry, Military, Sports and recreation and many more.

TDS develops both the software and hardware for the mobile computing applications. They offer tough handheld devices for the excessive industrial and outdoor environment while the software for the construction applications and the land surveying. Also, there are GIS systems for the automation and field data collection, which are simple to use and enables users with great level of expertise to assemble correct data accurately.

The products TDS Recon and TDS Ranger meet the military specifications for vibration, drop and immersion. While, the TDS land surveying software is being used by the Surveyors.