Deal or no deal- A wonderful experience

I am writing this post to remove my stress of work in mind. Now we have lots of options are available in the world for relaxing, for ex. listing music, writing notes, reading interesting articles, playing slots and watching television etc. As on my examples mostly people prefer that kind of options will take in use and I like all of these.

One day I was watching movie online, there I saw an ad highlighting on my screen. So after completing my movie I saw that. Basically that was the gambling show and then I did google it. The reviews were amazing, many people liked that game, but it was too late to play.

Next day I was searching something on web related to my college projects and I found lots of pages there. Then I searched some other keyword related with that episode. I got many links, pages of that key word and the last page I got same episode game and I forgot about my college project and played it. I lost two hour on that game but I did not win lots of coins but it was an interesting game. Then I closed the game tab and searched some important thoughts of my college project and done my project.

Web is more beneficial thing to solve our problems and extremely helpful to relaxing or refreshing our mind. Lots of children are like to spending a time on and many young people also like to play casino slots but they don’t know how to play gambling. Online casino gaming is best thing to prepare for offline.

Crazy world of Untamed: Giant Panda

Did I tell you that last year when I was in China for wildlife research; I came to know many things about the wildlife of the country? The most amazing thing which I came to know was about an endangered species of animal known as Panda. As I am fond of playing online pokies and went for search over internet and you would not believe that I found a game named as Untamed: Giant Panda. I went for the trial version which forced me to get the full paid app. I got bamboo as credit which I used during the play to feed the pandas in the game.

Talking about this, the graphics is eye pleasing full of wildlife background. Whenever I go for it, it gives me the full remembrance of my past as if I am still in the jungle. The sound track is awesome and heart pleasing and will not allow you to close. Most of the symbols are being used by the characters like pandas, bamboos, honey, eggs etc. and also about the ancient historic China. If anyone can covets the letters on the reels sequentially, gets the opportunity of free feature. The auto spin feature and maximum number of pay lines keeps it totally different from any other. A new user can also access through without any feeling of hesitation. I was fortunate that I won many symbols matched up during my first trial. If you go through the guidance provided and following the rules will give you the opportunity of winning. Picking of correct feed for the character leads you in gaining of bonuses. A round of jackpot comes if you clear certain stages.

Whenever I use it, most of the time I gain which may be in form of real capital or prizes whichever you want. At the end of my post I would like to suggest that as it is the world of gambling, never make it in habit of making real cash.

TDS Recon: A Durable Assistant!

I wouldn’t call myself a tech junkie but I am quite obsessed with my Twitter account. I like to voice out my thoughts around my circle and I get valuable insights from there too. So there was this time when I was out on a trip with my friends to Austria and we planned to ski as well. I would strongly recommend people to go for skiing by the way because it is so much fun and worth the money. Unfortunately in my case it got a bit too costly, not because of any injury but because I foolishly took my cell phone with me like I always do. I should have kept it in my bag or somewhere safe but it got seriously damaged because my hip directly bumped in to a hard piece of rock, I think. I felt saved from a bad injury but my phone took the damage and somehow its screen is not as sensitive as it used to be. Soon I got the phone repaired and I bought a great cover from Spigen. These guys make really good covers for their phones by the way. Long story short, I was introduced to this impressive gadget, which he takes with him wherever he goes, and it is called the TDS Recon. IN case if you are confused, TDS stands from Tripod Data Systems. This company makes gadgets that support popular OS like the Windows and then makes a housing that can withstand the toughest pressures.

The TDS Recon is what you would say something a military would have if they wanted their scouts to explore a terrain or patrol the area for any reconnaissance. It is so well guarded that I could tell that I have nothing to worry about it. It surely was heavy and bulky, but I loved the fact that it is finally something you can take anywhere with you. It literally tempts you to test its housing. I totally loved the options it offered for you.

This gadget has its own memory where you can store your own data, logs, pictures, emails, and any other data you name it. It could do all what you would expect from a PDA, plus it was tougher than any other PDA you could find. They thought through everything like scratches, low temperature, loss of battery, rain or submerging in water or any possible hazard when you are out on a trip. It also allows upgrading of the memory, in case your workload demands so. It is interesting that there is a big demand for this job. Some of my colleagues who are now doing well in their engineering career, they are already using PDAs when they are working on the field. Sometimes where exposed to harsher climates or conditions but these devices are can withstand a lot of pressure.

Technology On The Go, Anywhere!

I have always been fond of heading out and observing the nature. I have even taken my laptop and tablet with me to keep me entertained and have tons of my questions answered. There is a great way to learn if you have some forests near your cities or some dry areas for hiking. It is a real test of determination and strength. To be honest, I got most of my motivation from movies like Into the Wild and 127 Hours and Online Casino. Both the movies were made from true stories and while both may show some of life’s excruciating trials, I think these movies are a great inspiration. I was tempted to see how well people learn to handle difficult situations, even though they could have avoided it all. I think it is the search for something that drives an individual to go so far.

However, when I think of exploring really far from home I always wished I had something that would last long. You cannot find sources of electricity everywhere and you cannot rely on existing devices unless you took real good care of them. Then one of my friends, who also follows similar hobbies, showed some neat gadget that he always took with him on his expeditions. These gadgets look professional and well made to handle the toughest of environments. I mean, he now owns a Dell Latitude Extreme Notebook, which is so amazing. I never thought that companies could make something do durable when they had so many limitations when making a consumer laptop. Critics are everywhere concerned about the weight and functionality of a laptop.

To be honest, I now feel that we can really make these delicate gadgets rugged and much more robust to handle the life of an adrenaline junkie. This friend of mine showed me a gadget from Tripod Data Systems which is actually impressive. Just what you would think from its name? It is a data collector and works like a very hand wireless phone or communication device. You can send emails, observe from environmental measurements and just about anything, a PDA would offer. There are some limitations but it seemed just perfect for a traveler. It wasn’t something that would fit into my pocket, but it was so good. It had a Windows OS operating inside it and it felt like I had the most rugged gadget ever. It is a clever investment I would say because eventually we don’t really need very powerful gadget but rather something that survives and does selected functions seamlessly.