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In addition to your water tank clean or repair, we can clean your gutters and pipes to ensure a smooth flow of water into your tank. When working with Happy Tanks, you can expect the best advice on what solution would best work for you keeping the gutters and pipes clean and well maintained. If your tank needs to be drained to check for cracks or if you’ve noticed your tank leaking, give us a quick call and we can send out our team to drain and repair your water tank fast. Water that appears discolored or has a foul odour is likely to have been contaminated. The smallest change to the conditions within your water tank can create a breeding ground for bacteria, causing sickness and other health issues.

All we need from you is a quick description of the size and material and we can get the job done fast and effectively. We do not recommend ‘quick-filtering’ water tanks, which is a system of filtering the existing water without thoroughly cleaning the interior of the tank. This is because many pathogens can adhere to the water tank’s interior through layers of algae or biofilm. Our soft washing technique removes the biofilm without damaging the water tank, and vacuuming thoroughly removes sludge and debris from the bottom of the tank.

How much bleach does it take to purify 1000 gallons of water?

Water Tank Solutions will drain the tank and clean the interior walls and surfaces with a soft wash technique. You might wonder if peroxide can be used instead of chlorine to sanitize your storage tank but this won’t work. Water comes from a variety of sources, such as lakes and wells, which can be contaminated with germs that may make people sick. Germs can also contaminate water as it travels through miles of piping to get to a community. To prevent contamination with germs, water companies add chlorine to keep water safe.

  • 12% chlorine.
  • We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service at a very competitive price – we will not be beaten on price.
  • Hamish made sure that I was fully informed about what was going on and how much it would cost.
  • While you can clean your water tank yourself, it is much better to get a professional in to do a thorough job – saving you time and hassle and ensuring that your tank is properly cleaned.
  • It is particularly important to keep your water tank clean if you rely upon rainwater collected for water supply. This is because contaminants from your roof or gutters can easily get into the tank.

For homes that have a lot of leaf litter build up, we recommend a yearly tank clean. When you book in a tank clean and service from us we can also offer you a maintenance program to make sure your tank is clean and fresh year round. We can repair all types of water storage tanks including concrete, plastic, and fibreglass.

How do I clean the sludge out of my water tank?

  • Tell your neighbours and friends to look for “water tank cleaning near me”. It is important that more Kiwi families are educated about the benefits and reasons for having a tank cleaned. Water is a precious commodity and increasingly so as we experience the impact of climate change. Using the Safe H2O process saves over 2 million litres of water for every 100 water tanks we service when compared to traditional methods of SafeH2o water tank cleaning. CST Water offers water tank cleaning throughout the Waikato region for tanks of all sizes. Our team will visit your site and conduct a thorough cleaning of your tank both inside and outside.

    Can I add chlorine to my water tank?

    Popping or rumbling noises coming from the tank.

    These problems can be avoided by regular tank cleaning. However, if you are unsure about your water quality, have it tested! Coli or heavy metals using a third party or council laboratory. It is important to maintain your rainwater collection system if you use it for water. The Ministry of Health advises an inspection of your water tank at least once a year. It’s not approved by the EPA and other health authorities as a stand-alone disinfection treatment process. Hydrogen peroxide is great for removing odors and making water taste better but it is not useful for the disinfection of storage tanks.

    How do you clean a tank of water with bleach?

    Regular maintenance can prevent costly blockages of pipes or pump systems and help ensure the purity and quality of your drinking water supply. We have you covered if you live in the North Island. You can get a free estimate for tank cleaning costs here. Happy Tanks’ team of experts can offer expert advice on the best filtration system for your needs.

    High Range Chlorine Test KitYou also may want a High Range Kit if you are “shock chlorinating” the tank with high levels of chlorine over 5 PPM. You can measure the chlorine levels to determine if your tank has enough chlorine. However, if your storage tank is for long-term storage or you wish to periodically chlorinate see the chart for adding 1 – 2 PPM. The chlorine levels will begin to drop after you have added the chlorine. The chlorine demand (the water’s chemistry and conditions), and the temperature determine how much chlorine is being used up and how quickly it breaks down. Alternativly, if you want to keep the water in your tank, we can store 10,000 Litres of water in a temporary bladder. We then refilter it into our tank at an

    How can I naturally purify water at home?

  • We also offer sterilisation of internal surfaces with an approved potable sterilising solution upon request. Do not use dry powdered pool chlorine, sometimes known as Tri-Chlor in your storage tank or well water. There are three main types of bleach available to use to sanitize your water storage tank. The chart below will help you decide how much chlorine bleach you should put in your water tank in order to raise the chlorine residual to the desired level. Daniel Bott and Ronald Bott have combined 40 years of experience in tank cleaning maintenance.